See how people find your website – the perfect keyword tool for your WordPress website

Have you ever thought how is it possible to see which keyword is actually bringing you traffic and from which post ?

If you would be able to know what drive traffic to your website, you could then adjust your promotion and content.

Want to see what keywords people are using to find your website?Google Search Console is the most reliable tool you can use to discover the search terms people use on Google to find your site.

Why Track the Keywords Your Site Is Already Ranking For?

If you’re wondering why it’s important to know the keywords your site is already ranking for, you may be less aware of SEO (search engine optimization) than you should be. Keywords are vital when it comes to getting ranked on Google, and getting found by your audience.

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  • Keywords do matter!
  • Keywords are the key to your blogging success.
  • By targeting the right keywords, you can help more people find your site.

When you know what search terms (keywords) people are using to find your site, you’ll gain insights into your potential readers/customers, have a better understanding of their interest, pain points and questions.

These essential insights help you to figure out keywords that send you valuable traffic, analyze your SEO efforts, further optimize your website, increase your search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Simply by comparing your targeted keywords with actual keywords that your site is ranking for, you’ll know whether your SEO strategies are working and where to focus your efforts.

With the wealth of keyword information, it’s possible for you to make very specific, contextualized, and personalized optimization strategies that further boost your organic traffic:

  • Improve your content
  • Create content around a keyword that your site is already ranking for
  • Fine-tune keywords in a blog post
  • Get fresh content ideas for your blog
  • Think about products or services you can offer

How to See the Keywords People Search on Google to Find Your Site

Google Search Console is the best platform to view the search terms/queries people are using on Google to find your website.

It’s an online marketing tool offered by Google that allows you to monitor and view your site’s performance in Google search results. In addition, it also helps you to fix crawl issues.

You can view your website keywords using Google Search Console in 3 ways:

  1. In Your WordPress Dashboard with MonsterInsights
  2. In Your Search Console Account
  3. In Your Google Analytics Account

See your website’s keywords in WordPress with MonsterInsights

The easiest way to implement this to gain the most data is by using MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin.

With MonsterInsights, you can quickly connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics without using any code. Plus, you can easily track your website metrics, data and stats right inside your WordPress dashboard!

To get Google Search Console reports within your WordPress, you’ll need to first (1) install MonsterInsights plugin, (2) connect it to your Google Analytics data, and then (3) connect your Search Console reports to WordPress dashboard.

It’s pretty easy. With easy-to-follow screenshots and step-by-step written instructions below, you can set it up in less than 10 minutes- giving you more time to create a more compelling organic content strategy.

1. Viewing Your Site’s Keywords in the Dashboard with MonsterInsights

The first method is using the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin. This plugin helps you to track your website traffic, users’ interactions on your site, and shows you easy-to-understand reports.

To get Search Console reports in your WordPress dashboard, you’ll have to install MonsterInsights on your site and connect it with your Google Analytics account.

Please make sure that you purchase at least the Plus plan because Search Console report isn’t available on the Basic plan.

Then, you’ll have to add and verify your site on Google search console. You can do that with your Google Analytics account. If you want detailed instructions, here’s our complete guide on how to verify your site in Google Search Console with Google Analytics.

Once you’ve added your site on Search Console, you can view your site’s top 50 search terms in your MonsterInsights reports.

To view the Search Console report, you’ll need to navigate to Insights » Reports from your WordPress dashboard. There, you’ll see your site’s analytics overview report. Go to the Search Console tab in the top of the report. From there, you’ll see the top 50 search terms for your website.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you’ll see the number of clicks, impressions, click-through-rate, and average position for each of the keywords.

If you click View Full Queries Report button at the bottom of the report, it’ll take you to Google Analytics’ website and open Analytics » Acquisition » Search Console » Queries. This is the third method of the 3 indicated above.

Now, let’s see how to view search engine keywords in Google Search Console account.

2. Viewing Your Site’s Keywords in Your Search Console Account

First, you’ll need to go to the Search Console website and sign in with your account. Then, you’ll see your websites in the Search Console home page.

Select the website you want to view. Then, your Search Console Dashboard will open. Next, you’ll need to navigate to Search Traffic » Search Analysis.

Scroll down and you’ll see the search keywords people use to find your website.

That’s how you can see your site’s Google search keywords. Of the 3 methods, MonsterInsights is the winner when it comes to convenience as it shows the data directly inside your WordPress dashboard. Plus, the format of the reports is also much more comprehensive.

Using SEMRush to View Your Organic Search Keywords

While Google Search Console is a free service for your site’s search analytics, you can also use a paid SEO tool like SEMRush to view the keywords. Using this tool, you can perform organic research, paid advertising research, keyword research, and in-depth competition analysis for improving your site’s SEO.

To get started, simply go to SEMRush website, enter your website URL, and click Start now.

It’ll show Overview report for your site including organic search, paid search, backlinks, etc.

Now, you’ll need to go to Organic Research menu. Once there, you’ll see your organic keywords along with your search position on Google’s results.

That’s it.We hope this article helped you to learn how to see the keywords people use to find your website. There you go! By now you should know how to view and track the keywords your website is already ranking for.

When it comes to tracking keywords, MonsterInsights is a great tool that every WordPress site owner should use. Implement this tracking tool, understand your keywords and site’s performance, optimize your website and content marketing strategies, you’ll be well on your way to make your website a success.

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