See who is your best author of your blog

Do you have multiple authors writing for your WordPress blog or website? And do you want to track the performance of each author straight from your WordPress site?

MonsterInsights is one of the popular WordPress Google Analytics plugin available in the market. Since the launch, a million websites are using this plugin for integrating Google Analytics to their WordPress blog. MonsterInsights comes with a lot of advanced tracking features. Today we gonna look at another feature.

With Google Analytics Custom Dimensions, you can choose to track your own custom data. You can track performance for authorscategoriestagssearchesusers, and more.

Author tracking in Google Analytics gives you valuable insights into the performance of your site blog authors. With author tracking, you can…

  • Discover The Most Popular Author of Your Blog
  • See Which Author’s Post Keep Visitors on Your Site by analyzing the bounce rate
  • See Page Views For Articles by Author
  • See Author Stats for Optimization

However, Google Analytics doesn’t automatically collect, capture and analyze data like performances of your blog authors.

How To Set Up Author Tracking With MonsterInsights?

The first thing you need to do is install the MonsterInsights premium plugin on your blog. Once you got purchased the plugin, you can log in to your MonsterInsights account, download the plugin files.

Now, log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to add new plugins section, upload the plugin files there. Once you got installed the plugin, make sure that you have activated it.

After successful activation, paste the license key in the plugin settings. You can retrieve the key from your MonsterInsights account. The key will help you to get automatic updates for unlocking the premium features, etc…

Once verified, click the Tracking tab from the top section. From there, you’ll need to visit Custom Dimensions in the left-hand menu.

On this page, click on the Add new custom dimensions link and it’ll display a dropdown. In this dropdown, you’ll need to select Author as your custom dimension.

Create Custom Dimension in Google Analytics

Then, open your Google Analytics account and select the property you used to set up MonsterInsights on your WordPress site.

From that page, choose the author from the dropdown. You can skip the custom dimension ID part. Now, save the changes. The next thing we need to do is, add custom dimensions for author tracking in our Google Analytics property.

For that, log in to your Google Analytics account, go to your property.

You will be redirected to the dashboard of the property. From there, go to the admin panel. You could see the custom dimensions settings from that page.

Click on the add new custom dimension button from the page.

Next, enter the Author in the Name field. And click the Create button. And don’t change any other settings. Last, you’ll need to match the index number of Google Analytics with Custom Dimension ID that’s available in your WordPress MonsterInsights settings.

Next, move back to your Custom Dimensions settings in your MonsterInsights. And make sure that the Custom Dimension ID here must match with the index number in your Google Analytics.
If not, type in the correct number. Then click Save Changes.

Now, you’ll need to add a custom report in your Google Analytics account to track the blog authors properly. In Google Analytics, you’ll need to go to Customization » Custom Reports from the left menu. Look for the Report Content fields and define the metric groups.

You’ll need to add Author in the Dimension Drilldowns and click on the Save button.

See the above reference image and configure the report just like it. Give a title for your report, and define metric groups under the report content. And from the Dimension drill down, add Author. You are done! The page will now show every author’s reports.

You could see the page views receiving for each author also the bounce rate. If you want a more detailed report, choose Author as the secondary dimension.

That’s It! You have now seen your site author’s performance reports using MonsterInsights. Google Analytics provides you with tons of options to change the view of the reports or customize them. Not only that, but it also allows you to export your reports as spreadsheets.

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